Pigki's Staff Application

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Pigki's Staff Application

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In-Game Name: Pigki

Discord Name: Juan.#6787

Age: 13

Time-Zone: Eastern Standard Time

Have you been a staff on another server before? I have been staff on one server before

Why do you think you would be a good staff member? (At least a paragraph, 4-5 sentences):
I feel that I have a lot to offer the the server, and that I can remain active on the server. I am pretty laid back and can manage chat pretty well. I can also remain calm in scenarios where others wouldn't. I also enjoy spending time on minecraft and just overall hanging out with people on the game. I can spend a lot of the day on the server (due to current events) and I can also help welcome new players.

What will you do that will improve our server? (At least a paragraph, 4-5 sentences): I can help manage the server (manage the players) so that higher ups can deal with more major problems occurring. I can also give ideas that might help the server improve as well as help test permissions. I can be a friendly face that new players see that can encourage them to play the server. I am just here to help take some of the light work off the owners' backs.

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Re: Pigki's Staff Application

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Show me you can be active and I will accept you.

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